The planning for your special event takes time and preparation. Please help us ensure your event is successful by adhering to the following guidelines:


All orders must be received a minimum of (10) business days, excluding holidays, before your event. Late bookings result in additional operational costs such as labor, food costs, and expediting delivery fees. In order to cover those costs you may incur an additional charge of 10% of the total order or $150.00, whichever is greater.


The final guarantee (number of attendees) must be finalized (5) business days prior to the day of your event. The confirmation and guarantee will include the exact times, location, attendance, menu choices and room set up.
Changes made to these details after the guarantee may result in late fees. If no guarantee is received, preparations will be made for the total number estimated at the time the menu was ordered and billed accordingly. Reductions to the final guest count after (3) business days will not be permitted. Providing accurate guest counts of expected guests and meal designations will eliminate potential delays and optimize service time and quality.
It is the client´s responsibility to submit accurate guest counts and to communicate to their guests their menu selection. Any meals provided over the guaranteed guest count will be added to the contract plus a 4.99 service fee per plate, this also includes any additional dietary requests made beyond what was requested on final contract. Any additional guests above the contracted menu guarantee amount cannot be guaranteed the selected menu option and menu will be based on product availability.


Cancellations must be made at least (3) business days in advance. The client is responsible for contacting the catering sales office for all cancellations during normal business hours. Cancellations within (2) business days will be charged 50% of the estimated value of the submitted contract along with any additional costs already incurred by the catering department. If your event is cancelled (1) business day prior to event, 100% of the contract will be billed. Contact 419-372-6951 or 419-372-7978 to cancel.


Rain sites are requested for all outdoor events. Rain calls should be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of your event. Contact: 419-372-6952 or 419-372-6951.


All non-university clients must pay applicable tax and an 18% gratuity. No additional tipping is required. Pricing given in estimate will provided as an all-inclusive price which includes gratuity. A 75% deposit is required for all external events (10) business days prior to your event.
Wedding Receptions:Bowling Green State University offers multiple venues to fit a wedding of any size and style. We pride ourselves on offering unique dining experiences that are tailored with your guests’ needs in mind. Our job is to perfect all of the little details that make up your big day, so you can relax and enjoy every minute of the experience. Our Catering Chefs have over 30 years of culinary experience and leadership, and have designed elegant menus that are sure to please your guests. Pair this with our exemplary formal dining service and staff, which is always included in your price, and you will be amazed by the positive reactions of your guests. Our bar pricing is based on consumption, not per person. This gives you the flexibility to choose your beverages and only pay for the amount your guests consume.


Delivery charges will be added when food or equipment is delivered off-campus. Charges will be quoted on an individual basis once we understand the scope of your needs. Off-premise catering is any location outside the borders of main campus or university boundaries.


Serving time will range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on selections made and style of service. Food may stay out for guests no longer than 2 hours in order to comply with local health code regulations. Additional labor charges may be incurred for events exceeding these time frames. BGSU Catering will return after the event on self-serve drop off orders to pick up equipment and any remaining items left at the event location. Due to health department regulations and liability, BGSU Catering reserves the right to stop food service for lengthy events due to product integrity and customer safety.


In order to comply with the local health department, Bowling Green State University’s policy is to not allow any food to leave an event. This will be enforced for your safety, the safety of your guests, and mitigation of risk. Violation of this policy may incur an additional unused food violation charge. Having an accurate guest count allows us to minimize food waste. Equipment with any leftover food items must not leave the premises of event. Charges may apply for any missing equipment items that belong to BGSU Dining.


BGSU Catering is responsible for the delivery of food and set-up of the event. BGSU Catering is not responsible for trash disposal or clean-up of any events that are served with disposable items. Clients will be responsible for any equipment damaged during their event. An additional charge may be assessed for damages incurred.


On options that include linen, white linen will be provided. Colored linen, specialty linen, and extra linen for registration tables may be ordered for an additional charge. Brown and orange napkins can be provided at no additional charge, upon request. Our linen vendor requires a four week notice on any colored or specialty linen orders. Please call the sales office for more information.


Any lost or misplaced items are not the responsibility of Bowling Green State University. If you think you have lost an item at an event, please stop by the BGSU Information Desk on the first floor of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.


Payment information is necessary upon booking an event. BGSU Catering reserves the right to cancel any event that does not provide billing information within (10) business days prior to the scheduled event.
Any Non-University related function requires a 75% deposit (10) business days before their scheduled event with a credit card on file. The remaining balance will be billed after the catered function.


Knowing the proper amount of food to order can be difficult. Please give us a call with questions, so we may assist you in making sure you have just the right amount for your event type. We are happy to make quotes in advance for you to compare quantities and budgets.


Looking for something different or special? Ask our sales department about seasonal items or how to create custom menus to match your theme. Please make sure to place your request for a custom menu at least four weeks in advance, so our chefs have adequate time to prepare for your event.


All events provided by BGSU Catering can be booked over the phone by calling our sales office or online at www.bgsu.catertrax.com. Custom requests must be made by calling the office or submitting a request form here. Please place custom requests at least four weeks in advance.


Catering staff is scheduled to provide service within event times given. Any events running more than one half hour past their scheduled end time will be charged a minimum of $25 per hour to cover additional labor costs incurred depending on the size of event. Food service is only permitted to be two hours. If you do not specify that your event end is different than the two hour window, the food clean up time listed on the contract will be your confirmed event end time.

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