The planning for special events takes time and preparation. Please give us enough time to plan your event by adhering to the following guidelines.

  • All orders must be received a minimum of 10 business days, excluding holidays, before your event, otherwise you may incur an additional charge of 10% of the total order or $50.00, whichever is greater.  Late bookings of events result in additional operational costs such as labor, ordering and food costs, therefore the final guarantee (Number of attendees) must be finalized (5) business days prior to the day of your event.  The confirmation and guarantee will include the exact times, location, attendance, menu choices and room set up. Changes made to these details after the guarantee may result in late fees.  If no guarantee is received, preparations will be made for the total number estimated at the time the menu was ordered and billed accordingly.
  • It is the client´s responsibility to submit accurate guest counts and to communicate to their guests their individual menu selection.  Any meals provided over the guaranteed guest count will be added to the contract plus a 4.99 service fee per plated added and charged to the final bill.  If guaranteed guest count is not provided within 5 business days, the estimated number will be considered the guarantee.  Any guest counts served above the contracted menu cannot be guaranteed to be the selected menu option and will be based on product availability.  Reductions to the final guest count after the final confirmation date will be fully charged at the confirmed guest count.  Accurate guest counts of expected guests and meal designations will eliminate potential delays and optimize service. 

    Cancellations must be made at least 3 business days in advance.  You are responsible for contacting the catering sales department for all cancellations.  Cancellations within 2 business days will be charged 50% of the estimated value of the submitted contract along with any costs already incurred by the catering department.  If your event is cancelled within one business day, 100% of the contract will be billed.  Contact: 419-372-6952 or 419-372-6951.
  • Rain sites are requested for all outdoor events. Rain calls should be made a minimum of 24 hours before the event. Contact: 419-372-6952 or 419-372-6951
  • Catering reserves the right to make discretionary decisions in regards to the services we provide in order to optimize service and mitigate risk.  All requests for services are carefully considered before approval or denial. 


Events hosted by BGSU faculty, staff and departments will receive a 10% pricing discount off of pre tax planner pricing.  You must be a representative of a BGSU department or organization planning an event in order to receive discount pricing.

Delivery Charges will be added when food or equipment is delivered off campus.  Charges will be quoted on an individual basis once we understand the scope of your needs.  On premise includes main campus property within university boundaries.

Serving time will range from 1.5 hours for buffets and station receptions, to 2 hours for served meals.Food may stay out for guests no longer than two hours in order to comply with local heath regulations.  Additional labor charges may be incurred for events exceeding these time frames.  BGSU Catering will return after the event on self serve drops to pick up the equipment.   Due to health department regulations and liability, BGSU Catering reserves the right to stop food service for lengthy events due to product integrity and customer safety.

In order to comply with the local health department, Bowling Green State University’s policy is to not allow any food to leave an event.  This will be enforced for your safety, the safety of your guests, and mitigation of risk.  Violation of this policy may incur an additional unused food violation charge.

BGSU Catering is responsible for the delivery of food and set-up of the event. BGSU Catering is not responsible for trash disposal or clean-up of any events that are served with disposable items. Clients will be responsible for any equipment damaged during their event.  An additional charge may be assessed for damages incurred.

On options that include linen, white linen will be provided.  Colored Linen, specialty linen, and extra linen for registration tables may be ordered for an additional charge.  Our linen vendor requires four weeks’ notice on any colored linen.  Please call the sales office for more information.  Contact: 419-372-6952 or 419-372-6951.

Any lost or misplaced items are not the responsibility of Bowling Green State University.


All events provided by BGSU Catering can be booked over the phone by calling our sales office or online at www.bgsu.catertrax.com.

The following information will be needed in your catering booking process:

* Reserve your date and location.
* All events in the Bowen Thompson Student Union and Olscamp must be booked through Event Planning Office at 419-372-9000. All events that take place in the Bowen Thomson Student Union MUST use BGSU Catering for any and all food needs.
* All outdoor events will need an alternate rain site location which must be determined 24 hours before your event start time
* Know your approximate number of guests.
* Late Bookings of events result in additional operational costs such as labor and food, therefore the final guest guarantee (number of attendees) must be finalized five business days prior to the day of your event.  The confirmation and guarantee will include exact times, location, menu choices, payment, and room setup.  If no guarantee is received, preparations will be made for the total number estimated at the time the menu was ordered.  The final charges will be for no less than the guaranteed number.
* Know your event start time and details.
* Your start time on the requisition tells us when you want your meal/event to start. We require access to the location a minimum of one (1) hour before the start time; sometimes longer depending on size and scope of the event. 
For the guaranteed outcome of your event and so that we may facilitate proper service, we require an agenda of your event.

* Linen
* Linen is provided for guest tables with buffet and served meals along with any linen needed for the food service.  Your choice of disposable or china is available with all offerings. 

* Method of Payment
* Payment information is necessary upon booking an event. 
* BGSU Catering reserves the right to cancel any event that does not provide billing information within ten business days prior to the scheduled event.

* Non University related functions require a 75% deposit seven days before their scheduled event with a credit card on file.  The remaining balance will be billed after the catered function.

* Quantities.
* Knowing how much food to order can be difficult. Give us a call and an estimate can be done!

**Looking for something different?  Ask our sales department for our seasonal specials.

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